Talks and articles

Everything is a device!   PDF
FOSDEM 2018, Brussels, Belgium

A talk about the MH system, the experience of designing it, the lessons learned, and how fun the rump kernel is.

The MH experiment   PDF
FOSDEM 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This is an intruduction to MH, a microkernel built to experiment with the idea of a microkernel interface heavily inspired by hardware architecture.

Xen and Client Virtualization: The case of XenClient XT   PDF
XenSummit2012, North America, San Diego, CA

This is an introduction to Client Virtualization on Xen in general and the XenClient XT project and architecture in particular.

Beastie Meets Raccoon: MINIX3 as a BSD   PDF
EuroBSDcon 2011, Maarsen, The Netherlands

I was lucky enough to be part of the MINIX3 team effort to move the operating system towards the NetBSD userspace compatibility. To summarize, I ported the libc.

Tecniche di virtualizzazione nelle architetture Intel/AMD   PDF
Operating System Course Lecture, June 2007, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

An introduction at the status of virtualization technologies at the time. Paravirtualization and binary translation were still the main way of creating hypervisors back then, but hardware assisted virtualization was already set to make all that technology obsolete.

StoMach   PDF
Hurdmeeting 2005, Madrid, Spain

StoMach was my attempt at solving the GNUMach drivers problem using the OSKit project. Another attempt was taking place at the time, called oskit-mach, but this approach was substantially different as it aimed at keeping the internals of Mach unchanged and using OSKit's COM-based drivers through a proper mach interface. Did work, well enough. And there was definitely an improvement by being able to boot HURD using Linux 2.2 drivers instead of Linux 2.0 drivers in 2005!